Posted by: biblestudyseattle | January 6, 2021


Happy New Year! What will 2021 bring? Where is 2021 on God’s timeline and plan? Will the world tend toward tyranny or will freedom continue to shine?

This author thinks that we have been prophetically in Joseph’s seven ‘years’ of plenty. It will surely be followed by seven ‘years’ of want. But how long are those seven ‘years’? Of course they could just be seven plain years. Because of several other prophetic proportions, namely the 11 tabernacle coverings (Exodus 26:7-9) and the divisions of David’s reign (7.5 years in Hebron and 33 years over all Israel (2 Samuel 5:5)) and half of Noah’s 370 day flood, this author thinks Joseph’s seven ‘years’ are prophetically about 185 years.

But is that wrong? Are we now headed straight into Joseph’s famine, where Christians will be persecuted? Look at how churches have been shut down in 2020. Or will there be a positive surprise this year? We shall have to wait and see!

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