Posted by: biblestudyseattle | June 29, 2012

Five Fingers

Why do we have five fingers?  Why not four or six?

Prophecy!  Daniel 2 tells of a dream King Nebuchadnezzar had that troubled him.  A colossal statue appeared, with a head of gold, chest of silver, thighs of copper, and feet of iron/clay mixture.  These were four successive universal kingdoms.  Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.  Then a fifth, a stone broke off without a hand touching it struck the statue and shattered the first four kingdoms.

Solomon’s temple was built without chisel or hammer on site.  All hammering and chiseling happened beforehand offsite.  The same was true with the great pyramid of Gisa.  Final assembly was whisper quiet.  And so with the heavenly temple, all the shaping and polishing happens beforehand.  Final assembly is absolutely quiet.  When the Lord combines his heavenly stones into his temple (of which Jesus is the chief capstone), not a sound will be heard.  The world will be unaware.  This stone kingdom will shatter the four previous kingdoms.

Notice that we have opposable thumbs.  Thus Christ’s kingdom works with yet opposes the four other kingdoms (fingers).  Was it not Paul who said that all nature declares God’s design?

Leviticus 8 and 14 says the priests or the people had the blood of the sin offering or restitution offering placed on the lobe of their right ear, the thumb of their right hand, and the big toe of their right foot.  This is significant.

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