Posted by: biblestudyseattle | November 22, 2014

History rhyming

It is amazing to see what were the Messianic expectations of the first century.  Based on the 70 week prophecy of Daniel, many expected the Messiah to show up in the east in the first century.  They weren’t sure when the exact start date of Daniel’s 70 weeks were.  It’s even possible that the Jewish war of 66AD to 73AD was somewhat based on a Messiah that would emerge to throw off the Roman yoke.  Today there are similar expectations, again based on Daniel’s prophecy.  This time it’s that travel and knowledge would increase.  Everybody can see that that’s the case.  But it’s the same wrong idea that a strong man will show up to suddenly zap the bad guys.  That will not happen until Israel is in a desperate way.  It’s amazing how people continuiously want to make God in their own image.  We want to tell God our preferred scenario.  But God is in charge, not us.  Undoubtedly, just as people were severely disappointed that Jesus didn’t prove to be the strong man to boot out the Romans, they will also be dissappointed that he seemingly has shown up a second time and let bad things apparently continue.  For this reason their ideas of prophecy will be badly mistaken, and they will be like the unwise virgins who did not have enough oil when the bridegroom (Jesus) finally showed up.   It takes a great deal of faith and humility to see what most refuse to see.

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