Posted by: biblestudyseattle | February 11, 2017

Evil and Sin

All sin is evil, but not all evil is sin.  Evil is anything harmful, say lightning striking a person dead.  As long as there is no creature that caused it, we can call it evil but not a sin.  (It’s possible a demon or YHWH caused it, but we have no way of knowing).  If I kill a chicken to eat it, it is not sin, but we could say it is evil (certainly from the chicken’s viewpoint).  In that regard, it is interesting to think about Jesus preparing fish for the disciples.  Same thing – no sin, but evil from the fish’s point of view.  In fact, it seems that the whole carnivorous state of the world is evil, and not how YHWH intends it.  The bible prophecy’s this:  “The wolf and the lamb will feed together. The lion will eat hay like a cow. But the snakes will eat dust. In those days no one will be hurt or destroyed on my holy mountain. I, the Lord, have spoken!”  Isaiah 65:25

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