Posted by: biblestudyseattle | July 12, 2017

Where are we in History?

Where are we in history?  Many Christian groups that focus on ‘end times’ preach that the world is going down hill, and this is a necessary precondition for the second coming.  They point to the signs in Daniel of increased travel and knowledge and say the end is near.  But the actual statistics say that the world is going uphill.  People live longer, extreme poverty is down substantially, crime is down, war deaths are down.  So what do we make of this?  Scripture seems to say that times will be very bad just before the second coming.  This author’s opinion is that things will continue to get better before they get worse.  And the worse part is probably a century or more away.  My opinion is that we are prophetically living in the seven plentiful years of Joseph.  Then comes the famine.

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