Posted by: biblestudyseattle | July 18, 2012


The story of Bathsheba has many lessons.  It was king David’s greatest sin and yet Jesus was descended from Bathsheba & David.  It went like this:

David is home while the army is fighting at the front.  He notices a beautiful lady, desires her, and she becomes pregnant.  David invites her husband Uriah home to make it look like the baby is his.  But Uriah refuses to sleep with her while the other troops are fighting.  David then has Uriah placed in the most dangerous part of the battle so that he is killed.  Many evils befall David and Israel for his treachery.

But is this story an allegory?  Uriah was one of the top 37 men in David’s army of 1,100,000 men.  That’s a pretty high rank.  He lived very close to the king’s palace – the rich neighborhood.  Uriah & Bathsheba would have socialized a lot with David.  It’s likely that David had his eyes on Bathsheba long before the famous incident.  David had at least two wives already, but it’s likely that Bathsheba was his dreamboat – except that she was already married.  In fact, David had the most sons by Bathsheba, so he probably spent the most time with her.  And it was her son, Solomon, that assumed David’s throne.  Bathsheba was David’s favorite.

Likewise, Jesus wants to get married.  He’s had his eyes on someone [the church] for a long time.  But this bride is at least partially married to a famous warrior of very high rank: Satan.  The marriage is via sin and death that Satan has bound her with.  Jesus paid her dowry long ago, but God has so far prevented him from taking her.  Finally the window opens – God sends Jesus back home to earth where he can take his bride.  The husband [Satan] is busy fighting as usual.  Jesus has him bound in chains so he can have no contact with the bride.  Finally, Jesus sets up the ambush and kills Satan.  God honors the union with the rebirth of all mankind.

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