Posted by: biblestudyseattle | September 1, 2012


Does the bible give any guidance on vaccination?  Yes.  The Law has many mentions of being ‘clean’.  There are laws for washing and cleanliness.  Laws for waste.  And laws for quarantine in the case of disease outbreak.  There are also many mentions that blood is sacred.  Jesus’ blood had to be spilled to buy back the human race from Adam’s curse.

If God had wished, he could have instructed the Israelites to take some of the puss from diseased animals and rub it into a cut made on a person.  But he never instructed anyone to cut themselves and rub disease into it.  Actually that sounds a little Satanic, no?  Satanic rituals often involve blood and child sacrifice.

Our bodies are to be treated as holy temples.  Why would God want us to put anything impure into a holy temple?  How is it that we can inject disease and become healthy?  Is it kind of like saying, cut off your arm to lose weight?  Here’s more:

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