Posted by: biblestudyseattle | September 3, 2012

Human History

How do we know when human history started?  Unfortunately, there are no reliable secular histories that allow us to pinpoint the time precisely.  The best that has been found is the Egyptian Abydos Tablet from the tomb of King Seti I.  And it corroborates the genealogy given in Genesis.  So human history is only 6,139 years old!  No doubt there was life on earth thousands of years before that, but not human life.  The world can not accept this, but it will be proven when all people come back to life and tell us the true history.  Of course, if there is no resurrection, then Christianity is a fraud, and there is no hope.  That is the thinking of many, but imagine their surprise when they come back to life!  They will think they are in a dream.  Here are some comments about the timeframe of human history:

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