Posted by: biblestudyseattle | January 31, 2013

Marriage deceptions

A couple is about to get married.  Everything is looking great.  Then Satan steps in.

He says to the wife, “God said your husband is head of the household, but don’t you think you should be in charge of dinner?”

Eve says, “That sounds reasonable.”

Satan adds, “And don’t you think you should be in charge of the kids?”

Eve: “Sure.”

Satan continues, “And you should probably coordinate holidays and the social calendar.”

Eve: “Yes.”

Satan: “And you should decorate the house.”

Eve: “Yes.”

What does this leave for the man?  Only his job (and the lawn)!  It sounds like the woman is 70% head of household in actual practice.

Is it any wonder so many marriages aren’t thriving?  How many women complain their husband doesn’t help enough?  I thought Eve was designed to be the helper?  If a wife is too tired to make dinner, what should she do?

a)  Tell the husband to make dinner.

b)  Nag the husband about how ‘unhelpful’ he is.

c)  Tell the husband she’s too tired (with the implication that if he doesn’t, she’s going to get all huffy on him, or withhold sex.)

d)  Tell the husband she’s tired and is going to read a book (with no implied threat.)

Wouldn’t most husbands prefer d)?  As long as there are no control actions or threats, most godly men would be happy to make dinner for their wife (assuming she doesn’t try to tell him how to make it or be critical and controlling.)

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