Posted by: biblestudyseattle | July 27, 2013

Joseph speculation

Joseph’s story takes up 14 entire chapters of Genesis. Joseph’s life foreshadows an enormous amount of detail of Jesus’ life. Most people understand that Joseph being lowered into the pit was as when Jesus was crucified. But Joseph was ‘crucified’ at 17, while Jesus was crucified at 33.5. Joseph understood by dream that he was to be preeminent among his brothers; Jesus understood the same. It says he endured the cross because of the “joy set before him.” He understood that there was a massive award awaiting him for his obedience. Jesus was publicly baptized at the age of 30, whereas Joseph became Pharaoh’s right hand man at 30 (“Seated at the right hand of the Father”). After Joseph was ‘crucified’ (lowered into the pit to be left for dead), a long time elapsed before he became ruler. So also, a long time elapses after Jesus is crucified before he comes back a second time. Joseph began his rule undetected by his brothers. So also, Jesus begins his rule undetected by the Israelites. Some time elapses before Joseph publicly reveals himself to his brothers. Likewise, some time will elapse before Jesus reveals his presence and Kingship to the Isrealites. So it is in our day: the Israelites have been regathering in Jerusalem since 1878, but have trouble all around them. Just as Joseph’s brothers had trouble securing food during the famine of Joseph’s day. But here’s the speculation: Jesus was tested for 3.5 years after his baptism. Joseph was tested for 13 years following the pit. Was there more testing for Jesus after his resurrection? There is evidence both ways. Will there be more testing for us upon resurrection? Will we be tested in the spiritual realm after we have been tested on Earth? How does the Eighth day and Jubilee fit into this? The Millennium corresponds to the Sabbath (Seventh day). But the Sabbath year was not as complete as the Jubilee. Will immortality wait until the Jubilee? This author is unsure.

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