Posted by: biblestudyseattle | February 5, 2014


In an earlier post, we had a chart showing the three fall feasts’ fulfillment in the Millennium. We mistakenly calculated the first of the seventh month as the 211th day of 360. It should be the 181st. Likewise, the tenth of the seventh month said the 220th of 360 days, when it should have been 190th. And the feast of Tabernacles, which begins the fifteenth day of the seventh month should be the 195th day out of 360. This aligns with 1 kings 6:1, which states the temple was completed 480 years after the Exodus. 480 years reckons 118.5 years not counted when the people were in rebellion. This makes trumpets just a pinch after the 500 year mark in the Millennium, the exact time the dawn of the sun is figuratively bursting forth. The chart will be updated soon.

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