Posted by: biblestudyseattle | February 17, 2014

Forty Days of Teshuvah

“Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led around by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days, being tempted by the devil.” Luke 4:1-2

The Forty days of Teshuvah begins Elul 1 and finishes with the day of atonement. Jesus experienced this immediately following his baptism. On the day of Atonement he went to the synagogue and read, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
Because the Lord has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted;
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners;
To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.” Isaiah 61:1-2

Will this have a larger fulfillment in the Millennium? Elul 1 is the first of the sixth month, or 151/360. That would be the 419th year of the Millennium, after the 370 years of the raising of the firstborn, and as the raising of the second born is underway. It culminates in Atonement, the tenth day of the seventh month, or 190/360. That is about the 527th day of the Millennium. Thus the forty days of Teshuvah would be a 108 year period of repentance and introspection, as everybody is brought back from the dead. It culminates in Jesus’ appearance coming down from heaven to stand on the mount of Olives, causing a huge earthquake and judgment. This event causes all to bow and confess that Jesus really is King. This may not be the actual sequence in the future, but it sure is fun to think on these things!

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