Posted by: biblestudyseattle | May 7, 2014

Noah and Joseph

Is there a prophetic overlay of the days of Noah and the story of Joseph? The flood of Noah was 370 days; we presume these days represent 370 years prophetically. Joseph was prime minister during the 14 years of plenty and famine in Egypt and ‘the whole world’. Could the seven years of plenty be the first half of the 370 years, or 185 years? Assuming these years start at 1874/1878, we are within 50 years of these days of plenty being over. Does this coincide with the completion of the church? It is not until the years of famine that Joseph’s brothers confess their sin so that Joseph reveals himself to them. It is only after this that the great multiplication starts – representing the resurrection of the second born? These ideas are much speculation, but who knows?

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