Posted by: biblestudyseattle | May 22, 2014

The First & Second Coming of Moses

Moses had a remarkable childhood.  He was saved at the age of three months when his mother put him in an ark of reeds, and Pharaoh’s daughter adopted him.  Apparently she was heir to the throne as she had no brothers.  And as she had no sons, Moses also became heir to the throne.  According to Josephus, Moses was general of the Egyptian army and had some decisive wins against the Ethiopians in the southern desert.  He was doing well, until he killed the Egyptian foreman.  Then the Egyptians wanted to kill him, so he fled to Midian on the Arabian peninsula.  That is somewhat like Jesus being killed on the cross.  But it’s not the end of the story.  Moses then spends 40 years learning about this wilderness east of the Gulf of Aqaba where he is later to lead the Israelites.  He marries the daughter of Jethro before he comes back to rescue the Jews. Is this like Jesus marrying the church before he rescues the world at large? Then Moses rescues the Israelites with the help of powerful wonders of God. It culminates in the showdown at the Red Sea. Is the Red Sea destruction of Pharaoh and his army analogous to Armegeddon? Moses told pharaoh they needed to go three days journey into the desert to worship. Why did he say this? It probably took many more days to reach the Red Sea. Jesus said he would rebuild the temple in the three days. But he meant 3,000 years.

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