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Vaccination and Judgment

The other day I noticed a rash on my daughter’s arm. I asked my wife what it was. She said she didn’t know. As it turns out, she was lying. She got her a shot without telling me. Four years ago the same thing happened. Abby’s personality instantly changed, she had a huge rash all down her leg, and she developed serious constipation. My wife told me then that she was sorry and she wouldn’t lie to me again. NOT! Evidently she feels that her daughter’s health is more important than her marriage. She told me she had to go behind my back because she “feels I can’t have a conversation with you about it.” Maybe… except that for six years I’ve been trying to get her to read both sides of the debate. She won’t. She barely listens to me, and she won’t read any of the several books I have or DVDs. She’s not honest. She reasons: if 97% of the population is doing something, how could it be bad?

Yet, Jesus says enter through the narrow door – be in the minority. For broad and wide is the gate that leads to destruction.

I have had several discussions with the pediatrician. She keeps telling me she’s going to show me studies proving the efficacy of vaccines. She never does. I can out debate her every time. Isn’t that sad? I do not have an MD.

So now that my wife has proven to be an obstinate lier who only wants to follow the crowd, what am I to do? I pray for judgment. For God wants everyone to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Joseph’s handling of his brothers is instructive. He met their basic needs during the famine. Yet he put Simeon in prison. Why? Because Simeon was probably the one to treat Joseph the worst as they left him for dead in the pit. What goes around comes around! It appeared that Joseph was being harsh on Simeon, and he was. Yet he still fed him. It was not until the brothers were completely undone and repentant that Joseph revealed himself. So it will be with my wife. Fake apologies are worthless. Actions speak louder than words. She will be shown the results of her actions, perhaps In the second life. She will be given all the self awareness she may currently lack. And God will be as hard and unrelenting as he needs to be to hammer home the truth, while not destroying her spirit. Notice how God rebuked Job. He was very stern yet always edifying.

Health Condition Prevalence in Vaccinated Children Prevalence in Unvaccinated Children
Allergies 36.71% 11.25%
Asthma 14.23% 2.26%
Hay fever 17.86% of German children 3%
Neurodermatitis (an autoimmune disorder) 23.9% 7.5%
Attention deficit disorder (ADD) 14.94% 1.28%
Middle ear infections 20.84% 7.5%
Sinusitis 12.14% 2.5%
Autism 7.43% 0.49%

A great biblical discussion:

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