Posted by: biblestudyseattle | July 11, 2014

Septuagint Genesis 5

The Septuagint Old Testament inserts upwards of 1,500 extra years between Adam and Abraham compared to the Masoretic text. The Samaritan text has different numbers still. Which is correct? This is a tough question due to the antiquity of the sources, which we don’t have. If you look up the controversy, different reasons have been proposed by competent people. In fact, one can go in circles, not knowing who to believe. What to do? It seems to this author that the deciding factor is the amazing parallels across millennia that proves God’s signature. Those parallels start during Adam’s life, and continue toward the end of the proposed 7,000 years. Furthermore, the great pyramid corroborates the chronology of the Masoretic. This warrants further investigation by this author.

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