Posted by: biblestudyseattle | July 9, 2014

2 Peter 3:8

There appears to be some question as to the meaning of the Greek text at 2 Peter 3:8, as well as several verses of Revelation 20. For, while most modern Greek text sources seem to agree on the words of these verses, the wording in Tischendorf’s text should also be considered. For there it uses the Greek words chilioi etos (pronounced kee-lee-o-ee etos). Chilioi etos is the plural form of chilia eta, which means, thousand years. And although the words appear in their singular forms in most modern texts, such sources as Vine’s seem to acknowledge that the plural form is how it may have once appeared in those verses.
What difference does all of this make? Well, recognize that the singular form (thousand years) is the preference of almost all Bible translators, so it may be correct. However, if the plural form (thousands of years) is correct, then certain common Bible teachings may be in error. For example: Is a thousand years as one day to God, or are thousands of years as one day to Him? And, will Jesus reign for a thousand years or for thousands of years? We will leave others to debate such things; we’re just bringing it to your attention. – from

That 2 Peter 3:8 could really say thousands of years are as a day to The Lord fits. From chronology we know that there are 7,000 year ‘days’ and 1,000 year ‘days’. It also makes sense that after Jesus has turned over the Kingdom to his Father, he will still be reigning in some sense over something.

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