Posted by: biblestudyseattle | January 1, 2015

2015 Predictions

What will happen in 2015?  Here are some guesses:

Per the blood moons landing on Jewish feast days, Israel will have trouble from her neighbors, but will ultimately come out on top.  Joseph has her back even though they don’t realize it.

China’s real estate market implodes sending waves throughout the world.  Japan continues to deteriorate.  A deflationary wave hits in October causing several large banks to fail and crazy new measures to stabilize markets.  Banking is further consolidated as the powers-that-be continue their course toward one global banking monopoly.  Civil unrest strikes causing governments to enact severe measures.  In the U.S. The elites lick their chops at calling a constitutional convention of the states (article V), to formally rewrite (i.e. Gut) the Constition.  The people become alarmed and the elites do not make as much progress as they’d like.  Organic movements such as homeschooling, etc. gain momentum as public confidence in institutions continues to decline.  Obamacare gets its first major setback from one of the dozens of lawsuits against it.  Banking stimulus grows ever larger halting the decline in commodity prices at the very end of the year.  Although the first part of 2015 will be relatively smooth sailing, people will be mad to face another financial crisis.  In the distress, many will gaze heavenward wondering if God cares.

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