Posted by: biblestudyseattle | January 14, 2015

The Survivors & Their Resurrection

“Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord Almighty, and to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.”  Zechariah 14:16

“I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth,
Blood, fire and columns of smoke.
“The sun will be turned into darkness
And the moon into blood
Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
“And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the Lord
Will be delivered;
For on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
There will be those who escape,
As the Lord has said,
Even among the survivors whom the Lord calls.”  Joel 2:30-32

Who are these survivors?  If we assume that all people have been resurrected before the battle of Armageddon, what about those that hadn’t yet died?  Those that die in this plague could be dying their second death and should’ve known better.  But there could be those that are dying for the first time.  These would have to be resurrected in the Jubilee.  Perhaps that’s where these come from:

“No longer will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, Or an old man who does not live out his days; For the youth will die at the age of one hundred And the one who does not reach the age of one hundred Will be thought accursed.”  Isaiah 65:20

Perhaps this is part of the reason there needs to be another test at the end of the Millennium?

“When the thousand years are completed, Satan will be released from his prison,”  Revelation 20:7

The other possibility is if there is a complete clearing of people before the general resurrection.  Is the what The earth being completely dry in the account of Noah is hinting at?  I don’t think so, but who knows.  In what sense is the earth ‘dry’ after the flood that Jesus compares his second coming too?

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