Posted by: biblestudyseattle | January 23, 2015

Signs & Wonders

Many people are enamored with signs & wonders.  It’s easy to see the Euphrates river drying up or stars falling from the sky in dramatic fashion and think The End Is Near.  But signs are a confirming indicator and we need more scriptural proof to confirm.  Think of the Magi.  If they only saw His star in the East and made the trek to Jerusalem, they could have easily been wrong.  Instead, they had the prophecy of Daniel, which said that 483 years from the decree to rebuild the temple would Messiah come.  Then they had to know when he would begin to rule.  They correctly surmised thirty years old.  The bible is clear that only on the testimony of two or three witnesses can a matter be settled.

The Magi still were not 100%.  So they asked Herod where the Messiah was to be born.  The scribes knew that it was Bethlehem.  Furthermore, Mary and Joseph had both been told by angels that their son would be the Messiah.  There were so many confirming indicators that the Magi knew they were correct.  Then to top it all off, they were warned by angels to depart by a different way to foil Herod.

So where are we today.  We see that Daniel’s prophecy of increased travel and knowledge has come true over the last 200 years.  But that is not specific enough.  We see the Euphrates drying.  But what if the Euphrates regains water?  We need more.  When people say the end is soon, what are they basing it on?  Did the Jews think the end was near in 1944 Germany?  Just because the world may plunge into depression, does that mean the end is near?  This author thinks the End is not near, but that Armegeddon is about 370+ years away.

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