Posted by: biblestudyseattle | April 13, 2015

Dawn to dawn day?

Some people insist that Hebrew days were reckoned from dawn to dawn rather than sunset to sunset.  It’s true that daylight hours were divided into morning and evening i.e. The 9am morning sacrifice and the 3pm evening sacrifice.  Jesus died at the time of the evening sacrifice, 3pm.  But that evening really just represents the going down of the sun, not actual nighttime.  Some say that only the Sabbath was sunset to sunset.  But what about Genesis: Evening and morning, the first day.  Evening and morning, the second day, etc.  All seven days were evening then morning.  The only real offset is the start of the Jubilee year, which starts just past half way through the Sabbath year.  This ordering of the day is important because it has prophetic implications.

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