Posted by: biblestudyseattle | May 13, 2015

Septuagint Chronology

The preflood chronology in the LXX or Septuagint is over a thousand years longer than the Masoretic text.  Fortunately there is an internal way to know if this is correct.

And Mathusala lived an hundred and sixty and seven years, and begot Lamech.  And Mathusala lived after his begetting Lamech eight hundred and two years, and begot sons and daughters.  And all the days of Mathusala which he lived, were nine hundred and sixty and nine years, and he died.  And Lamech lived an hundred and eighty and eight years, and begot a son.  And he called his name Noe,”  Genesis 5:25-29 Septuagint LXX

The flood started in Noah’s 600th year.  The flood was in 167+188+600=955 Methuselah’s 955th year.  How did he make it to 969 years if he didn’t get on the ark?  How or where did he live his last 14 years?  Clearly this chronology is wrong.

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