Posted by: biblestudyseattle | August 25, 2015

Abortion and Vaccines

In the August 17, 2015 issue of Time magazine:

Fetal tissue is critical to scientific progress

“In recent weeks, antiabortion activists have leaked videos shot undercover at Planned Parenthood clinics in which staff members discuss providing fetal tissue for use in medical research.  The videos are edited to suggest that the practice is sinister and that Planned Parenthood may be profiting from it, which would be illegal.

Fetal-tissue research is legal under specific circumstances – Planned Parenthood has said repeatedly it has not violated the law – and has been done for decades at nearly every leading hospital and medical institution.  Still, the backlash has been swift, with some Republican leaders saying the group should be defunded and fetal research banned.  But this logic confuses the politics of abortion with the scientific merits of fetal-tissue research.  And the latter is indisputable.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health funded $76 million worth of research that uses fetal tissue in 2014, and for good reason.  Over the decades, this kind of research has contributed to lifesaving vaccines for polio, rubella and chicken pox as well as advances in stemcell research that could lead to treatment for degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.  Historically, these achievements have been overshadowed by the primary source of fetal tissue: elective abortions.”

Wow!  So the ends justify the means?  By the way, babies could receive their own stem cells if the umbilical cord was allowed to pulse following delivery, but U.S. hospitals clamp the cord immediately.  God would never say we have to kill babies to advance science; science can advance without breaking His law.  And those ‘lifesaving’ vaccines are actually doing more harm than good.  Thousands of babies die each year of SIDS.  Conveniently, the medical establishment doesn’t know the cause.  The truth is that vaccines are probably responsible for half of SIDS deaths.

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