Posted by: biblestudyseattle | November 11, 2015

70 Weeks Redux

One of the problems with the last post is what to do at the seven weeks point.  It says:

“Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with squares and moat, but in a troubled time.”  Daniel 9:25

If this prophecy started in modern times, a prince must come after 49 years.  Could this be the prime minister of Israel?  Who knows.  Then we need a longer period when Jerusalem needs squares and a moat. I’m not sure if it has that today, although a troubled time seems to fit.  Could then this prophecy start at some point even more future?  Could be.  It may be referencing 490 years prior to Satan’s release at the end of the millennium instead of a period at the beginning of the Millennium.

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