Posted by: biblestudyseattle | May 21, 2016

Until the Day…

“Because I am confident of this, that he who has begun the good works in you will accomplish them until the day of our Master Y’shua the Mashiyach.”  Philippians 1:6 AENT

“And this I pray for, that your love may still increase and abound in knowledge and in all spiritual understanding; so that you may discern the things that are suitable, and may be pure and without offense in the day of the Mashiyach.”  Philippians 1:9-10 AENT

Paul is saying that their faith and works must grow in and through the day of the Messiah.  That’s past most people’s death.  He is including faith and works when we are resurrected in the Millennial reign.  This hints that our faith won’t be complete and tested until that time.  That Day will be very special.  It will be the seventh Day, a Sabbath, the seventh 1,000 year ‘day’ since Adam & Eve fell in the garden.

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