Posted by: biblestudyseattle | December 6, 2016

Election Predictions

It is very hard if not impossible to predict the future.  The U.S. election of Donald Trump came as a surprise to many.  But what does YHWH see?  The two forces of centralization and decentralization continue their war.  If the rising water of Noah’s flood is a prophecy for our time, the rising flood of truth via the internet and other sources should continue for a while.  This no doubt frustrates the elites no end.  President Obama has ceded control of ICANN to the UN.  This seems to be a move to eventually control the internet.  But technology moves fast.  The thrust to go cashless is really gaining steam, but this author thinks the elites will be frustrated in their plans.  The true cashless world will probably have to wait many decades.  Hopefully freedom will remain and decentralization will hold sway.  Faith in institutions continues to slide.

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