Posted by: biblestudyseattle | December 12, 2019

Sin’s Definition

What is Sin? Many Christians define it as separation from God. But what does that mean? How does that help me lead a better life? It reminds this author of the definition of usury. Usury is usually defined as excessive interest. But interest is merely a symptom of usury. Usury is theft, financial theft. It is the act of creating money or credit from nothing usually through a fraudulent loan. Whether the interest is 1% or 33% is beside the point. Clearly we are all separated from God. Wasn’t even Jesus separated from God?? Yet he had no sin! Separation is not the main problem. Death is. A better definition of Sin is this: Sin is anything a person does to accelerate death in themselves or others. Sin leads to death. And yet, would sinless Jesus have lived forever if he wasn’t crucified?? No. He was living in a sinful world with death all around him. Sin drags us down even if we’re not adding to the problem. We need more than a sinless life to live forever. We need the trees of life and a sinless world as well.

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