Posted by: biblestudyseattle | January 24, 2021

Church Division

Churches have split over the centuries for many reasons. The Coptic Orthodox church broke with Rome in the 5th century. 1054 AD brought the great schism, separating Eastern and Western branches of the church. Then there was the Sack of Constantinople by crusaders in 1204. The church was fighting itself! Then there was the Protestant Reformation centered around Martin Luther about 1521. This resulted in three new denominations breaking off from Rome. Then the Protestants further split. And on and on. Will Coronavirus split the church? Probably. Already there are churches defying mask mandates. Will we have pro-mask churches and anti-mask churches? Probably. Will there be churches that require vaccination? Probably. But God is not concerned with church splits. He’s concerned with each individual’s heart. Christianity is a personal thing. It’s between us and God and our neighbors. Nothing more.

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