Posted by: biblestudyseattle | November 29, 2022

Abortion after Roe

In 2022 the Supreme Court of the U.S. overturned Roe v Wade (1973), which found a Constitutional right to abortion implied through the 14th Amendment. This will make abortion a State issue to be decided by the many states. Many pastors were sad. It turns out that many mainline denominations officially support abortion on demand. Who knew?!? The phrase ‘synagogue of Satan’ comes to mind. Is it any surprise that mainline denominations are declining? How can a person call themselves Christian and support the murder of babies? Perhaps if they observed an abortion, with legs and arms being pulled out they might see it for what it is. God is not mocked. In the old days the Presbyterian Church USA viewed it thus: The earliest appearance of abortion as an issue before the General Assembly occurs in 1869, at the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (Old School) Assembly in New York. Responding to Overture 44, on “unscriptural views of marriage, divorce, and infanticide,” the commissioners wrote, “This Assembly regards the destruction by parents of their own offspring, before birth, with abhorrence, as a crime against God and against nature.” AMEN!! Thankfully, it is estimated that the total U.S. abortion rate has declined roughly 6% since the overturning of Roe. This means that about 50,000+ babies in the U.S. are alive that would have been murdered.

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