Posted by: biblestudyseattle | April 9, 2014

Unctuous Christians

Have you ever been approached by someone asking if you’ve been SAVED? Or concerned because you’re not attending a religious ceremony they deem essential to your eternity? And yet these people often don’t even ask how your day went! Isn’t something very wrong with this picture? These actions give Christianity a bad smell. Notice how Jesus didn’t use this approach? He never went up to anyone and brazenly asked if they were SAVED. He never implied that they were in danger of second death for not attending this ceremony or that feast. He did warn people to turn from their sins, but only after he got to know them and gave them sight or some other blessing. Those that are concerned about strangers’ salvation are making themselves God. Again, notice the contrast with Jesus’ and the disciples’ ways of ministering. If someone doesn’t care about you in the little things, how dare they ask you the deepest questions?

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