Posted by: biblestudyseattle | July 22, 2014

Jesus’ birth

It turns out that the traditional nativity scene at Christmas is not correct. Many translations say there was no room for them in the ‘inn’. That isn’t quite right. It should read ‘guest room’. Many homes in those days were one room, but some had a second room, a guest room, like a lean to on the side. Mary & Joseph were both of the lineage of David, which was no small matter in Bethlehem. They were in town to register for taxes and also for the feast of Tabernacles. Pregnant women were given special treatment just as they are today. It is inconceivable that Mary would have had her baby unassisted in a barn. No, there simply was no room in the guest room. So they stayed in the main room where the manger was. The manger was in the main house for when the animals were brought inside at night. Animals were very expensive in those days, akin to our cars today. The animals would be brought in at night so that they wouldn’t be stolen or harmed by wild dogs. For more details:

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