Posted by: biblestudyseattle | February 19, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the forty days (minus Sunday’s) prior to Easter. The Wikipedia article says it’s a reminder of the forty days of temptation Jesus faced at the start of his public ministry. The problem is that Jesus started his public ministry during the fall feasts and not Passover. This is important. If Jesus started his ministry right before Passover, then his ministry was three years. But since his ministry started before the fall feasts, his ministry was three and a half years. He fulfilled part of Daniel’s seventieth week. There will likely be another fulfillment culminating at The Day of Atonement in the future. Likely that Great Ultimate Day of Atonement will be about 490 years after 1914 or 1915. It is the day of which it is said, “no one knows the day or the hour.” The feast of Trumpets was actually two days because they couldn’t be absolutely sure when it started until after the fact.
Nevertheless, the practice of contrition during Ash Wednesday is a good practice even if it does not alone with the Jews
Ish feasts.

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