Posted by: biblestudyseattle | April 17, 2017

Passion Week

In order to fulfill prophecy, Jesus had to march into Jerusalem on Nisan 10th (the passover lamb was selected and inspected on the 10th) and be crucified Nisan 14th (the lamb was cooked at the end of the 14th and eaten so that the blood could be on the door frames the night of the 15th).  Three days and nights in the tomb brings us to a resurrection on Nisan 17th.  Whether the 17th was the first day of the week, or toward the end of the Sabbath, we don’t know.  Perhaps the uncertainty is by design.  Does the resurrection happen on the seventh day or the eighth?  This is a very interesting question.  We probably can’t know until it happens.  There will probably be a few surprises along the way!  This has implications for our current time as we are already in the beginning of the seventh millennium since Adam’s fall.

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