Posted by: biblestudyseattle | April 23, 2017

God’s Hidden Truth

One of the most amazing things is how God reveals his truth.  Instead of giving us a prophecy or a ten page book that says, “I’m going to do X, Y, Z, then Q, ”  he gives us a book written over 4,000+ years that’s more than a thousand pages long.  That way, he can hide the truth in plain sight.  How many people have read the whole bible?  How many have read it enough times to see the interconnections?  How many can see past the logical inconsistencies of denominational creeds?  Even the apostles were surprised at what transpired in their day.  Will it be any different in ours?  Even the bible is vague enough that no one will know the whole truth ahead of time.  Yet it is specific enough that when things happen, the prophecies become obvious.

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